Assessment, Assignment 3

Assignment 3 – Perennial self (d’apres Warhol)

Argumentation Overview

I incidentally left a bill around the journal. Then I started to do some calculations…

The assignment’s focus is on the consume in this era.  I started an initial project in which I assumed I chose something but looking closely I saw I had many items of same kind but different color. So I am a consumer after trying to somehow control this problem. How to manage the assault of objects? My theme explores this question.

  • Andy Warhol didn’t necessarily used his own photographs but he used already existing advertising to make his statement: he mostly liked them. I used objects around me appearing as patterns, which are not hand made or unique, with which I don’t have any strong attachment to, but which seems to dominate me. I should do my own conscious choices.
  •  “We act like a sponge that absorbs everything in from of these images”. Warhol art is about nothingness as himself says so. [1] Surface and meaning are the same(simulacrum)[3] My photographs are about battle between impulsive and conscious choices.
  • He uses unrealistic colors to say he likes it. I like it too, although is addictive. I don’t have  always the control…[2]


[1]  Skye Cornelia “Issues_in_Contemporary_Art_-_Consumerism.pdf.” n.d.

[2]  Frye, Brian L. n.d. “Andy Warhol’s Pantry.”



Among the daily possibilities I have daily options. Everything seems to be a routine from the moment I put my make up until I remove it. And it is not only about the make up. It is about how to dress, how to wear makeup, what is good to listen, what to eat, what to read,an explosion of data through we are influenced or manipulated. Among this , it is very hard to recognize myself. I wrote things about different stuff like vulnerability, about art therapy(to heal vulnerability) , about love (most of pages) but not about who am I through these thoughts. What I usually do , it does me in the end. This is a study about my identity(how to stand up in front of these choices and have an independent will about what is around me).

Technical overview 

The second layer is a pattern of things that arise everyday , on which I decided to say no, in order to increase my well being. It is also a pattern in daily life, somehow it reminds me of matrix, you see things and you don’t know why you make those choices. I want to break my daily pattern. I want to say no to sweets, to wear less make up, to wear reasonable shoes, not hiding my vulnerability all the time, and read more books instead of  watching netflix or staying tuned on facebook.

Researching about emotion driven decision making process I came across some documents about how and which emotions drive us to buy . In the end my photographs are about how to resist those emotional impulses by thinking and feeling who you are before what you can have and doesn’t help you.

I have bought all patterns from Dreamstime and adjusted them in Photoshop to match my photographs. The idea had taken place on working on projects and seeing I can’t make up my mind, and then I started to explore this problem through camera. Is this problem arise in most aspects of my life? If that;s so , where? Which are most routine actions I do and how ?

For the coloring , I followed the instructions from this video in order to digitally paint my photographs. Basically I reduced them to a halftone sketch and then paint them with similar colors that Warhol used.


Image making process(before color them in Warhol style)

Image 1: Selected with magic wand tool the background and changed it from dark grey to white. I like my images to have a dream like white background. This is because all my decisions need space from what is actually happening in the media or generally in the world. I am an unique person. Like everyone else who is conscious about this.

Image 2: Taken out some objects from pattern for the viewer to see my entire face.Which is in process of take out the make up which makes up my daily mask , my image I usually show to people. Why ? To be not so different from others. Because diversity is not encouraged.

Image 3: I did a bit of processing here , I overlayed the image and the donuts pattern and chose color burn  which made the pattern invisible for highlighted areas of original images. I come to this by trying different effects but this seemed far away the best, because the pattern addresses me and my decisions as a buyer

Image 4: Electronics. Noise. Rush. Facebook texting all the time. My brain enters sometimes in an infinite loop and cannot relax. Sometimes I have insomnia. So I chose reading and to simplify my life, to do more physical work and have less electronic devices around me.

Image 5: Information comes over me and I tend to take more care about what my mind says instead of my  heart.

I used a tripod, and 28mm,50mm and 85mm lenses.


Feedback from peers

I initially went for Assignment 3-draft 3 but I received feedback from peers that I should go for draft 2 images and to combine them with Warhol style and see what happens. I like the output and I’ll go with this approach.

I also applied the advice to blend the layers so to achieve brighter images.


This assignment got me totally out of what I am usually doing, I have learned so much about pop-art and consumerism and how can I apply all these concepts to express something about myself.

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